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Wing Foiling in Koh Yao Yai, Thailand

Wing Foil Boat Charters, Around the Thai Islands, of the Andaman Sea


Sailing Catamarans, and Wing SUP, in Koh Rok Nok, Thailand

Tailor-made wing foil boat trips, for singles, groups, families & teams - day trips, overnight trips, weekend trips, long trips - We’ve got you covered.

From wing foiling, in the southern sunshine & flat waters of the crystal clear Andaman island seas, to charging the monsoon swells; you’ll always be taken to the best spots, at the best times, by guides who have traveled every corner of the Andaman sea, intimately, for many decades. 

Sailing Catamarans, and Wing SUP, in Koh Rok Nok, Thailand
Wing SUP, in Koh Rok Nok, Thailand

Everywhere becomes a potential wing foiling playpark, when you combine a deep knowledge of the surrounding oceans, an ability to reach anywhere of your choosing, and a sport that allows you to jump off of the boat, and immediately be in the middle of the action, whenever, & wherever it strikes!

Whether you're a beginner or experienced wing foiler: all levels, & needs are catered for, with comfortable boarding on a purpose-equipped wing foil sailing catamaran. 

Wing SUP, in Koh Rok Nok, Thailand
Wing SUP, in Koh Rok Nok, Thailand

Thailand is the perfect wing foiling paradise. The beautiful tropical waters are uniquely welcoming for ocean-bound fun & exploration. You won’t be needing your wetsuit! 

Wing foiling only requires 10 - 20 knots of wind, & in addition, there are plenty of other amazing things to do, like SUP-foiling, snorkelling in beautiful coral reefs, visiting natural wonders, ancient caves, remote limestone islands, & quaint fishing villages.

Wing SUP, in Koh Rok Nok, Thailand

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Phuket's fine weather allows for excellent wing foiling / sailing conditions throughout the year. The north-east wind season, from November to April, brings stable 5 - 20 knot winds, with dry & sunny weather, & the south-west wind season, from May to October, brings 10 - 30 knot winds, with occasional rain between long sunny periods.

Thailand Phuket Wind History

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Krabi & Phang Nga outlook, from Koh Yao Yai, Thailand

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