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EPIC 58 Mile Wing Foil Downwinder Across the Andaman Sea, From Phi Phi Islands to Phuket, Thailand

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Watch Wing Foil Pilot Alex complete a World 1st, long-distance Wing Foil downwinder, across the Andaman Sea, taking us on an EPIC journey, from the Magical Phi Phi Islands to the beautiful Phuket, Thailand.

Alex completes this 58-mile expedition, from start to finish, in 6 hours of continuous Wing Foil action, completing a route that we believe may well become a coveted pilgrimage, in the Wing Foil World.

The launch day wind was lighter than had been forecast, and the sea also more choppy than expected, through many sections of our passage. As a result, it was often more an exercise in endurance, than enjoyment, for much of the journey. However, as you can see, the experience was no less spectacular for it!

Krabi & Phang Nga outlook, from Koh Yao Yai, Thailand

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